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We finally have working builds, which means you can finally get this game for yourself!

We're excited to bring you the very first, freshest, buggiest build, straight to Windows, OSX, or Linux. Now, you too can pretend to know why brushing your teeth would help fish swim faster upstream.

Get out there and try it with your friends! If you have any feedback for the team, feel free to leave us a comment here!


presentation-game-osx-x64.zip 114 MB
Version 1 Jun 27, 2017
presentation-game-linux-x64.zip 114 MB
Version 1 Jun 27, 2017
presentation-game-windows-64.zip 116 MB
Version 1 Jun 27, 2017
presentation-game-windows-32.zip 107 MB
Version 2 Jun 27, 2017

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